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Kandireega Movie Review – Kandireega Review – Kandireega rating Telugu Movie Review: Ram is back with Kandhireega film after taking a brief pause in his career after Rama Rama Krishna Krishna. He put his faith in young director Santosh Srinivas and gave him a chance to direct him. Kandireega is produced by Bellamkonda Suresh who tasted a huge hit with his recent release Kanchana. Kandireega is a formulaic film which is made within a successful format. Nothing great about the movie and we can't write it off either. This serves what the audience wants and serves.


Seenu (Ram), who didn't even complete his graduation comes to city with an aim to complete degree. But he falls for Shruti (Hansika) at the first sight and comes to know that she is facing problem with a thug Bhavani (Sonu Sood), who wants to marry her against her wish. Seenu confronts Bhavani and a challenge from Bhavani gives an opportunity for Seenu to win Shruti's love. One Seenu gets over Bhavani, he falls into a bigger problem called Rajanna (Jaya Prakash Reddy). Rajanna's daughter Sandhya (Aksha) loves Seenu at first sight and asks her father to get her married to him. Now, Seenu has to use his brains to get out of this problem as he knows that sheer muscle power isn't enough to get over Rajanna.


Kandireega is a routine fare in which the protagonist can beat hundreds of goons at will. When a problem arises where he can't just flex his muscles, the protagonist falls on mind games and tricks to fool the villains. This is the success formula that was used in many films like Dhee, Ready and to some extent in Brindavanam too.

The first half races ahead with not much story. Director filled the film with good comedy and entertaining elements to keep the audience interested. However, the film goes overboard towards the interval, where the hero does fight after fight to prove his strength to both villain and heroine. Things gets settled when the hero starts to use his brain. Few characters in the film take absolute U turn in this hour and makes this a laugh riot.

Even though the scenes and characters that we see on screen are familiar, we won't complaint as the movie entertains to the maximum. Director did well to keep the audience focused with few screenplay tricks and made the better use of most of the star cast to inject comedy. There are times where the director tries too much to make it a comedy caper but it is covered by the performances.

If this film has a better audio and better looking heroines it would have worked out better. Compromise on few things may affect its prospects. Nevertheless Kandireega works due to the funny moments and ample entertainment.


Ram is energetic as usual but gives a feeling that e\he is talking and doing so much for his frame and age. Director should have toned down action part and massy dialogues to make this character more believable. Hansika is on the heavier side and looked elder to Ram in few scenes. She is not at all pleasing in few scenes. Aksha did well with the Telangana accent but she too suffers bad looks in this movie.

Sonu Sood character has two shades in this film. He is brilliant and perhaps the hero of this film. In some frames he looked handsome and fierce than Ram. Jaya Prakash Reddy is good in a routine role. Raghu Babu is okay. Brahmanandam rocked in one scene. Rest of the star cast did well within limitations.


Dialogues are good in comedic scenes but could've been better in the conversations between Ram and Sonu Sood. Music by Thaman is not up to the mark. Except Champakamala... none of the songs have repeat value. Andrew's cinematography is fine and so is the editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao. He should have trimmed it as it lasted for almost 2 hour 45 minutes. Production values are okay.

Debutante Santosh Srinivas did well to make his debut count. He can handle commercial entertainers with panache. He also has a good sense of screenplay which comes handy in long run.

Plus Points:

- Sonu Sood's performance
- Ram energy
- Comedy

Minus points:

- Goes overboard in action sequences
- Deja vu feel in the film
- Music
- Hansika

Final Word: This Kandireega's sting is sweet and fun!

Box office predictions: Dhada's dismal show will benefit this movie at the box office. Dearth of good Telugu movies in the recent past would also help the course. Kandireega should be a winner all the way.

Kandireega Review rating: 3/5
Banner: Sri Sai Ganesh Productions
Cast: Ram, Hansika Motwani, Aksha, Sonu Sood,
Music: Thaman S
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh
Director: Santosh Srinivas

Dhada Movie Review(fullstuf movie reviews)

Dhada Movie Review: Naga Chaitanya's latest film Dhada is out in theaters now. After delivering back to back hits with two soft love stories, Chaitanya groomed himself into a mass hero with a time tested formula movie Dhada. Ajay Bhuyan directed this movie on Shri Kamakshi enterprises banner. Shiva Prasad Reddy who produced numerous movies with Nagarjuna till now has made this film with Nag's son. Dhada raised many expectations and has been carrying positive buzz prior to release. Did it live up to the expectations? Check out Dhada review...


Vishwa (Naga Chaitanya) and Rajeev (Sriram) are brothers who love each other very much. Vishwa who is an adventurous guy falls for a multi millionaire's daughter Rhea (Kajal). Rhea's father (Mukesh Rushi) fixes her marriage with a billionaire. Meanwhile, Vishwa saves a girl from a gang of thugs which in turn affects the multi crore business of human trafficking run by RD (Rahuil Dev) and Kelly (Kelly Dorjee). RD starts to hunt for Vishwa and then the movie ends on an expected noted after the director throws in few twists and turns.


Dhada has the style, grandeur, capable star cast and excellent technical crew, but what it lacks is a solid script. The plot itself is a very familiar and uninteresting one. Even the screenplay isn't engaging at all. Right from the word go, the movie tests the audience patience and turns torturous with each passing minute. Director has gone for all style little substance kind of film, which doesn't appeal to any section of audience.

The richness in the film and the exotic visuals are the only saving grace. Even the characters are under developed and due to that an able star cast gone wasted. The film drags and drags on in the second hour that few audiences in the auditorium lost patience and started booing. The last half an hour is extremely unbearable as the director tried his level best to make things interesting. Dialogue writer's inefficiency added to the woes.

Music is not bad and not good either. None of the songs were picturized well too. Awful makeup of Kajal didn't help the proceedings. On a whole, Dhada is a pretty badly made film with crores of money spent by the producer on absolutely nothing.


Naga Chaitanya tried to prove himself as a good mass hero. But he needs to wait for some more time to look old enough to take up such roles. His diction is so bad in few scenes in alright at times. He can't pronounce few Telugu words perfectly and that is not a welcome sign for a Telugu hero. He worked a bit on his dances and fights. He is just okay with them.

Kajal's role looked like as if it was written after Titanic heroine's role. She did fine as a damsel in distress. But the makeup and styling of her not at all good. She looked awkward with that barbie doll kind of hairstyle.

Rahul Dev's character is not properly etched. Kelly Dorjee is typecast yet again. Sriram looked weak and uninterested throughout the film. Sameeksha switched to character roles with this film. Brahmanandam did everything possible to make the audience laugh but hardly succeeded. Ali too is wasted and so are the comedians who did few cameo appearances.


Dialogues by Abburi Ravi didn't have the necessary zing. His work ranged from ordinary to hopeless in this film.
Music by Devi Sri Prasad is standard. None of the songs have the repeat value. Background score is not so great. Cinematography is slick and probably the best of the technical departments. Editing is not up to the mark. Production values are rich.

Director Ajay Bhuyan can make a film stylishly and that is what the impression you get on him after watching Dhada. He needs to work on various departments to call himself a director.

Plus Points:

- Richness and visuals
- Slick cinematography

Minus points:

- Weak script
- Poor direction

Final Word: Dhada for audience and also the buyers!

Box office predictions: It should open good due to lack of watchable Telugu films in the recent past. But the film didn't have a single plus to survive at the box office. Lot will depend on tomorrow's release Kandireega.

Dhada Review rating: 2/5

Banner: Sri Kamakshi Enterprises
Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Kajal Aggarwal, Brahmanandam, Samiksha
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Producer: D. Siva Prasad Reddy
Story, Director: Ajay Bhuyan

Naa Peru Shiva movie Review: 

This film is the dubbed version of Tamil movie Naan Mahaan Alla. Directed by Suseendran, this film stars Karthi in the lead role. Naan Mahaan Alla is a decent performer at the box office and the same producer, KE Gnanavel Raja who produced it in Tamil dubbed in to Telugu on Studio Green banner. Karthi is fast growing Tamil hero in terms of dubbing market in Tollywood. With Yuganiki Okkadu and Awara, he got a decent fan base in AP too. Read on Naa Peru Shiva details in this review.

Shiva (Karthi) is a middle class guy who is waiting for a job opportunity. He loves Priya (Kajal Agarwal) whom he meets in a marriage. She too falls for him but their love is not approved by Priya’s father. As per his wish Shiva takes up a job in a bank. Everything goes fine for Shiva until a group of college kids plans a murder attempt on his father. Why are they after Shiva’s father, what happens next is to be seen on the screen.


Director Suseendran made a successful debut in Tamil cinema with Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu, which was later remade in Telugu as Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu. In this film Suseendran dealt with an urban based story which has romance, entertainment, family sentiment and crime blended in it.

First half of the film races along at a brisk pace with lots of good comedy. Karthi is the source for all the fun in the first half. However, the movie takes an unexpected turn in the second hour and slowly turns out to be a crime thriller. There is so much edge of the seat stuff in the second hour despite few slow patches here and there.

The protagonist character too takes a huge turn towards the finale. Last twenty minutes in the film has a high dose of action. It is difficult for anybody to handle such script which runs along various genres and shifts from one to another at a rapid pace. Director handled the film very well until the penultimate scenes. However, the conclusion leaves you wondering with a ‘how could that happen?’ face!

Director should have ended the film with hero seeking the revenge. Adding that one last scene is absolutely unnecessary. Also the antagonists that are supposed to be teenagers looked like they were in their mid twenties. Choosing an apt star cast who perfectly resembles the age might have left more impact on the audience.

This film is for matured audience and the violence in this duly deserve an A certificate. So kids should stay away from this film as there is ample footage of drug usage and crime in it.


Karthi is simply superb as Shiva. He did a marvelous job in the first hour with impeccable comic timing and he is equally menacing in the last fight. His brother Suriya who is a terrific actor needs to work out to look perfect for each role but Karthi is gifted with a flexible body with which he could easily switch genres.

Kajal Agarwal is cute. She has very little to do in this film. She is hardly seen in the second half. Two among five villains will leave an impact. Jayaprakash, Raviprakash, Soori and others did well within their limitations.


Dialogues are crisp. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is good. His background score is the life for this film. Madhi’s cinematography is another plus point. Kasi Viswanath’s editing is crisp. Only fight composed by Anal Arasu is breathtaking. Production values are very good.

Director Suseendran’s plot may not appeal to everyone but he shines as a director. Only complaint about his work is he kept the core content till the climax and he had to hurry to wrap up things in that time. Had he given enough time for the hero to go on a rampage, masses would have lapped it up.

Final Word: Naa Peru Shiva is a slick film with weak ending!

Box office verdict: Naa Peru Shiva opened huge and it shows Karthi’s growing craze in Andhra Pradesh. This film might face tough competition from straight Telugu films Dhada and Kandireega which are lined up for release in next week.

Naa Peru Shiva Movie Rating: 2.75/5

Starring: Karthi, Kajal Aggarwal
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer: K.E.Gnanavelraja
Director: Susindhran


Mark Telugu Movie Review: This film ‘Mark’ed the directorial debut of fight master Vijayan and acting debut of his son Sabareesh. Srihari played the antagonist in this Tamil to Telugu dubbed movie. Here is the review of this Mark.


A milk vendor Vithal (Srihari) adopts so many orphan kids and raises them to be rowdies. Markandeya alias Mark (Sabareesh) is one of them. Mark falls in love with Divya (Pinky) and starts to get away from all the bad deeds. This doesn’t impress Vithal and while he is looking to separate the love pair, Vithal gets a deal from Divya’s father to kill her. Vithal makes Mark to kill Divya and in turn he avenges her death. Then the tug of war between them starts and who wins over who sums up the story.


Fight master turned director Vijayan didn’t have a solid script on his hands. There is no completeness in the story. Vijayan tried to add bits and pieces together to make a feature film. Screenplay of the film is awful. Direction is aimless. Sadly, Vijayan didn’t even excel in the action department. All the fights are a compilation of Vijayan’s successful action episodes. Logic goes for a toss in this film. Mark is not up to the mark in all the departments.


Sabareesh failed as an actor and also a fighter. He doesn’t have ease and flexible body language to carry a film on his shoulders. Srihari too looked like as if he is sleepwalking. He did this film out of gratitude and the lack of interest in him is visible in every frame. Pinky is Okay. Santhanam pulled off few cracks in the first hour. There is nothing to say about rest of the star cast.


None of the technical departments came up with a reasonable job. This is a fine example of how not to make a film.

Final Word: Not up to the ‘Mark’

Box office verdict: Mark is a non starter at the box office and it won’t survive for at least a week.

Mark Movie Rating: 1/5

Banner: Vishaka Talkies
Cast: Sabharish, Pinky, Nivedita, Srihari, Pragathi and others
Music: Sunder C Babu
Producer: Natti Kumar
Director: Vijayan
Sanchalanam Movie Review:

Sanchalanam Review – Sanchalanam Telugu Movie Review, Rating: Kamalakar who earlier starred in films Abhi and Hasini is the protagonist in this film. Saikumar played a supporting role in Sanchalanam, directed by Ramana Reddy. Kamalakar is the producer of this film which is made on Kamal Pictures banner. Know the details about this film in this review…
Sanchalanam Movie Review

Vikram alias Vikky (Kamalakar) is an Engineering graduate who is in search of job. One day he saves a mother and daughter who are attempting for a suicide. From then on rowdies start to attack him. Once he gets caught by the police while he is fighting in an attempt to save himself. Inspector Nanda Gopal (Sai Kumar) escorts him to the court, and another attack takes place on Vikky. Nandu learns that there are police involved in the attacks on Vikky. Why are they attacking him and how do Nandu saves him is Sanchalanam story.


Director thrived to keep the suspense part alive till the interval. In the second half he started to unravel the secrets and as the suspense gets revealed what we get to see is an illogical, out of the world nonsense. Director failed to keep the narrative interesting even when the suspense is not revealed.

The film is filled with too many fights and chasings that will bore you to death. Climax of the film takes the routine path making the audience to leave the theatres much before the end credits roll. There is not a single worthy element in Sanchalanam to rave about.


Kamalakar is raw and hopeless. His facial expressions are very bad. He didn’t improve a bit even after doing a couple of films. Sai Kumar is standard. Perhaps the only saving grace in this movie. LB Sriram is good and Asish Vidyardhi is Okay. Zubain Khan sizzled in an item song.


There is only one song in this film. It is a remix of Vanga Thota which is not appealing. Cinematographer and editor did a decent job. Production values are good for a low budget film.

Final Word: Sanchalanam has nothing sensational about it. Watch it at your own risk.

Sanchalanam Movie Rating: 1.5/5
Banner: Kamal Pictures
Casting: Sai Kumar, Kamalakar, Venu Madhav
Music: Chinna
Producer: Kamalakar Reddy
Director: B.V.Ramana Reddy

Sega Review



Sega, although never created any hype but there was one strong reason that made me watch this film. You'd be wondering what could possibly be the reason in a film that has no big names associated with it. Well, firstly whilst watching a regional film or Indian film just to be precise, I never get carried away by the cast. Nevertheless, this film had someone I've always considered highly talented. He is none other than 'Gautham Menon'. And this time around, I can't say I got carried away but definitely was high on

There are two things you have to understand and appreciate about this film. One, a lady director, for the first time, instead of cooking up a mushy feel-good romantic entertainer, tried her hands at something way offbeat. Good! Second, she did it with novice actors and not old, experienced ones. Very good! But, one place that she completely screwed up was her selection of script.

Sega is yet another narration of the life of two underprivileged men in the belly of North Madras,
where crime is part and parcel of everyday life. Two friends, Karthik and Vishnu live a normal, nothing
spectacular life until the latter falls head over heels for Vani.

Love comes with responsibilities is an old saying, today in a more fitting way it is said that love comes with a price, pain and suffering.

Vani is in the most convenient, non-taxable profession called prostitution, in the possession of Karthik's
father, a local pimp. In order to free Vani, Karthik signs on an assignment with his dad to peddle drugs. Though he never encourages the idea of drug-dealing, he is forced to do it for his friend. Peddling drugs isn't an easy, is it? What happens in these characters lives forms the rest of the story.

Sega teases you for most part of the film and messes with your head for the rest. What I like about this film is the fact that you can easily connect with these characters. These are not characters that live in luxurious apartments, drive Hum-V or BMW, but they live a common life just like you and me. Yes, how does one define common life is different from each other! I may be part of a well-to-do family and still struggle to live and so can you be a part of not-so-luxurious and yet struggle to achieve what you want. Struggle is same to one and all, but the circumstances that define it are different. That's exactly what the director succeeds in portraying so poignantly, that in the second half you start feeling a connection with
the characters.

Performances were top class, no doubt about it and out of everybody, Nani, with meager role stood apart. Evam Karthik, a popular face amidst theatre arena in Chennai, though wasn't the best but neither was bad at the same time. Although, one might feel that he could given a little more, may just a little extra to satisfy everybody, especially those who are finicky about these things.

Nithya Menon, after the success of her last film with Nani, has come a long way. She is chirpy, cute and adorable in Sega, but does that typecast her as someone who can't innovate with roles. I guess so, if she doesn't go off-track and try something different, very soon she will become boring to watch.

Others did their part equally well without giving way to criticism. I'm happy that the director didn't inundate the story with too many characters because that would've become irksome.

Music by Joshua Sridhar is icing on cake. There is perfect synchronization between scenes and music. Violence and vengeance were driven by melancholic music, while romance was defined by triumphant music. And, most important of all is the cinematographer- Om Prakash, for having captured the dark and dingy side of Chennai. He gave the audience new set of eyes to watch the film through naked eyes but
not through some technologically facilitated ambience that may look chic, but never real.

Finally, the reason I gave this film 3 stars, is because of Anjana Ali Khan, the director for trying something no woman director has ever tried, not even in Hollywood. Although, I feel the movie with some expert help could have been better; Anjana being the debutant certainly couldn't make it look better.

In one line, Sega is old wine in a new and attractive bottle.