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Uyarthiru 420 Well begun half-done.

The movie has raised a lot of curiosity for it features lyricist Snehan in the lead role. Directed by Premnath, it has a huge star cast with music by Mani Sharma. Produced by Rich India Talkies, the film has twists and turns. Check out a detailed Aarakshan movie review - Aarakshan review - Aarakshan hindi movie review - Hindi movie review


Thamizh (Snehan) is a conman, who makes quick money cheating others. He livces life his own way. He comes across Iyal (Meghna) and cheats her to make some gain.Rishvanth (Vaseegaran) runs a five-star hotel. he has great ambitions, but he sustains huge loss in the business. His board of directors give him a final chance of six months of setting things right or wind up the business. Thamizh joins his hotel as general manager. Though a conman, he gives his best for the job. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Iyal. As it happens, Rishvanth is challenged by Jagan Pattabiraman (Jayaprakash), a greedy but influential journalist. Tahamizh steps in to help his boss. Rishvanth's secret marraiage with his lover and a popular actress Devatha (Akshara) is scandilised by Jagan in his newspaper. It spells trouble in Rishvanth's life.Tamilzzh stps in and plans big and saves Rishvanth's life and also helps him overcome his debts and at the same time teach a lesson to Jagan. How is what the second half is all about.


Vaseegaran, who was introduced by Bharathiraja, plays a key role making a comeback. He is measured in his expressions and looks tailor-made for suave and rich businessman. Meghna, the look alike of Nayanthara, plays a bubbly young girl in the movie. Her on-screen chemistry with Snehan is good. Watchout for a decent but a menacing performance by Jayaprakash, while Akshaya plays a cameo. The real scene-stealer is Snehan. The lyricist-turned actor who started with Yogi, has given his best try. He has enough scope to utilise the opportunity. He romances, fights, evokes laughter too.He sports a funkly hairdo in the film.


Premnath adopts a shrewd narration. He ensures the scenes unfold fast. Shankar's cinematography capturing Malaysia is good, while Radhakarishnan has come out with some lengthy dialogues. Editing is by KK. Mani Sharma has come up with some loud soings. Power Pandian and Raviverma have choreographed stunt sequences that Snehan executes well.


It is more a cat and mouse game. Thamizh is shown as a brainy and a brawny man, who emerges triumphant in any tough situation.The movie has some interesting twists and turns. The characters are inter-linked and provides a sense of thrill for audience. Premanth has ensured that the movie has no dull moments. However there are some logical lapses in the film that may take away some interest. Also the abrupt ending of Meghna's character, who is shown as a gritty girl in the film doesn't serve any purpose.

Rating: 2.5/5

Rowthiram movie review(fullstuf movie reviews)

Anger, agony & arrogance

After Kho comes Rowthiram. With the former ending up a big hit at the box-office, expectations are high on Rowthiram. Directed by debutant Gokul, the movie features Shriya opposite Jiiva. As the title suggests (meaning fury), it is expected to be a high-voltage action entertainer. Check out the Rowthiram Movie review. Rowthiram Movie Review – Rowthiram Review – Rowthiram rating Tamil Movie Review

The movie revolves around Shiva (Jiva), an upright, honest and an angry man. His grandfather (Prakashraj) teaches him Kalari and creates in him an urge to fight evil elements in the society. Unfortunately Shiva's actions are not endorsed by his family especially his father (Jayaprakash). Priya (Shriya) is law graduate who bumps off Shiva. There is romance too Meanwhile, a brawl between Siva and a badie Gowry spells trouble in the former's life. There is enough twists and turn and the bloody battle begins.

Jiiva who played a bubbly photo journalist in Kho plays a contrasting role in Rowthiram. He is an angry young man. He brings anger, agony in his eyes. A real mass theme and Jiiva gets under the skin of the character and performs well.

Shriya is gorgeous and cute. She is the apt choice for the role. Shriya has a meaty role to play besides running around trees romancing. Jayaprakash plays a Jiiva's dad in the flick. Prakashraj as Jiiva's grandfather is amazing. The veteran gives right emotions to leave his impression.

Be it Ganesh Acharya, the Bollywood choreographer, or Babu Anthony all have a part to play in the film. Interestingly a peppy number danced to glory by Ganesh Acharya.

Written and directed by debutant Gokul, the film doesn't look like a first-timer's work. The screenplay is swift and there are twists and turns. Wonder at the grip Gokul has over the medium. Prakash Niki's music is foot-tapping. Equally impressive are his re-recording. Three cheers for N Shanmugasundaram's cinematography. The movie shot in soft lens is soothing and pleasant to our eyes.

The movie lives up to its title. It is fast and furious. There are no dull moments in the movie. The twists are interesting and stunts sequences are a real treat for action-lovers. Anger and agony of an individual over the system is brought out well. Gokul steals the show with his narration. Man of the match he deserves.

Rowthiram is an action-packed film that is sure to go well with Jiiva's fans for they can see him in a larger-than-life role.

Mark - 3.5/5


The fact that the movie is released by Goutham Menon's Photon Kathas has created a lot of hype and expectations on it. A movie set in Chennai slum, directed by debutant Anjana, Veppam promises aplenty. With a strong technical team behind, Veppam is a movie different from the rest. Veppam Movie Review - Veppam Review – Veppam rating 


The story begins in a Chennai slum where two young boys are left lonely after their mother's death. Their drunkard father Jothi (Shimmore) leaves the house. Brought up by a noble heart, the brothers grow big in a respectable way. The elder brother Balaji (Muthukumar) takes a lot of care on his sibling Karthik (Nani). Karthik spends all his time with his friend Vishnu (Karthi) who is also brought up in the locality. There is Revathy (Nithya Menon), who loves Karthik deperately. Meanwhile Jothi ends up becoming a pimp in the area and starts to work for drug peddler Ammaji (Jennifer).

Knowing that Karthik is in love with Viji (Bindhu Madhavi) one of the girls in his business, Jothi decides to explot him. He gives him an assignment - to  ransport drugs to POndy. Karthick joins him. Coming to know that it was a plan to bump him off by Jothi, Vishnu returns to Chennai. On a the same night when he gets killed and the blame falls on his friend Karthick. The onus is now on Balaji to prove that his brother is innocent. The brothers now join hands with  ifferent plans.


It is a movie set in the backdrop of Chennai slum. It reminds one of movies like Pattiyal and Drohi a lot. Anjana has given her hard wolrk and the result is there to be seen in parts. The script is racy and the first half with some breezy moments passes off quickly. The twists and surprising turns in the story are enjoyable.


It has a very sleek cinematography by Om Prakash. He has penned a poetry through his camera. The songs by Joshua Sridhar stands out. All the seven songs including Veppam, the theme song, is worth a listen.Anthony's crispy editing adds pace to the script.


Three cheers to Muthukumar. He gives controlled emotion and with Goutham Menon dubbing for him, he sets the screen on screen on fire. Nani plays his part well while Karthi is breezy and entertaining.

Bindhu Madhavai has a limited scope while Nithya Menon hogs limelight with her character.

Box office verdict: A technically-rich movie, Veppam will be here to stay for some time.

Mark 2.5/5


Cricket had always attracted attention in India. Any movie made well on the sport won accolades. Perhaps Laagan set the trend and many movies were made. Potta Potti is one more that features former Indian cricketer Sadagoppan Ramesh as himself. Directed by Yuvaraj, the movie hits the screens the screens after much delay. Check out the movie review potta potti.


The movie is about two rustic youth Kollaivanan (R Sivam ) and Kolaivannan (Umar) who fight to hold the hands of a girl Parijatham (Harini). The village panchayat decides that they both should form a team and play cricket in the village and winner will get the girl. Enters Ramesh (Sadagoppan Ramesh). Coming to know that he is a cricketer, Kollaivannan force him to train their team. Kollaivannan along with his accomplice Avatharam (AAvathar Ganesh) tries all means to win the match. Coming to know that Kodaivannan is noble hearted, Ramesh goes out to help him. But the twist in the tale is Ramesh falls for the girl.Who wins the match and who holds Harini's hands finally forms the climax. But all told in a hilarious way.

It is a movie that is different from the rest. There is innocence all over it. All the characters are new and everyone has perfromed to their potential. Ramesh is the best. He has proved his best in cricket and now before the camera he is simply amazing. He is cool and casual and at ease. Three cheers to him. Comedy and romance both come naturally to him. Harini as the bubbly girl is adequate while R Sivam and Avatar Ganesh rocks the screen with their body language and

The movie belongs to director YUvaraj. He hold control over the proceedings. Nowehere the movie goes sombre. He has mixed humour all through. The dialogues are hilarious, penned by Yuvaraj himself. Watch out for the camera work by Gopi Amarnath. He captures the cricket match well. The beauty of the village and the temple festival are shot well. Arul Dev's music adds strength. Raja Muhamad's editing is crisp. There no needless emotional scenes to make you go low.

It is a whiff of fresh air. All is told in a lighter vein. The movie gives Ramesh a great chance to prove his acting skills. As coach he is right there making a mark. Combining comedy in cricket and the way the villagers play the game have been captured well. The movie stands up thanks to the humour all through. Three cheers to Yuvaraj. He with his racy script and quick sequence of events ensures, all is well.

Box Odfice verdit
Cricket and comedy go hand-in-hand. Both loved by all. Obviously with good publicity, the movie should click

Mark - 3.5 /5


Karungali Taxing affair

Director Kalanjiyam, who made many films in the past takes to action with his directorial venture Karungali. It bis a movie that has a complex theme. Anjali, Sunitha Verma among others form part of this movie. Check out the review


The story begins with Ravi (Kalanjiyam), a cruel drug peddler saves the life of Kanimozhi, a doctor (Sunitha Verma) injured in an accident. Kanimozhi  decides to marry her saviour.

Knowing about Ravi's bad past that he was a drug seller and had killed his won lover, Kanimozhi goes behind him. Ravi tells Kanimozhi that he is now a changed man. Both get married. Coming to know from Kanimozhi about Amudhanila (by Anjali), who is desperate to have a child, Ravi decides to play dirty tricks with her. .

Amudhanila is married to Gunasekharan (played by Srinivas) and both are madly in love. Their only problem is that they don’t have a child. Ravi tries to exploit her situation and force her to take to the bed with him. ‘ Does Ravi exploit Amudhanila? Does the doctor and Amudhanila’s husband find out about Ravi?

Kalanjiyam has taken a sensitive theme but handled it in a crude and a cheap way. It is more like a soft porno. Many a dialogues are crude and scenes too including the one at mortuary. Sadly the film ends up burdening the hearts of few in the society. Childless couples are shown in a bad light.

There is nothing much to write. The songs by Srikanth deva alone stands out. Otherwise the theme takes away all the attention.The movie is a taxing affair. It makes you go low at many places.

Anjali, Sunitha Verma, Srinivas and Asmitha seem to have done a good job in the film. Especially Anjali has given a matured performance as a perplexed girl. Srinivas as her young hubby is sure to go places. Kalanjiyam, as the lead role is inadequate.

Box office verdict
A heavy subject has been handled in an insensitive way, making the film come across as a cheap, sex thriller.

Mark 2/5

Markandeya movie review:

MarkandeyaAction satisfaction

It's the film that stars a stunt master's son as hero and action choreographer Fefsi Vijayan himself directing it. Obviously action sequences would be the highlight. Sabarish, son of FEFSI Vijayan makes his on screen debut with Sri Hari playing the baddie. Markendaya movie review - Markendaya - Markendaya review.

It is the story of a abandoned youth (Sabarish) being taken by influential man (Sri Hari) and bred. He grows p to fight for a cause. Sri Hari meanwhile searches for his son. As it happens they all set for a places in the coast. Sabarish comes across a young girl (Pinky) and he develops a soft corner. Meanwhile a twist in the tale happens and Sabarish takes up a battle for a cause and he is pitted against Sri Harri. What happens then is the tale.


Sabarish is fit, fin and a hunk. He fight excellent. He has enough scope in his maiden venture to romance and try his hand at action. He is impressive considering this to be his first venture. Pinky, the young girl is adequate. Santhanam impresses in his one-liners as usual. Bala Singh is there to perform. The scene-stealer is Sri Hari playing a pivotal role. Be it emotion of anger, he is right there performing to his potential.

Three cheers to Fefsi Vijayan for etching out a script that suits his son. He has ensured that all potentials of his son are well displayed in the first venture. Action has been given prime importance and Sabarish lives up to all expectations of his father. There are a couple of hummable songs, while camera work is impressive expecially cathing the coastal areas of Orissa well.

It is a hard-hiting film with enough twists in the tale. It begins on a soft note and gathers momentum as it progresses. Post interval, there are enough surprises for the audience that Will glue them to their seats. wabarish flexing his muscles to fight for a cause has been portrayed well. Watch out for a riveting climax.

Box office Verdict
The movie is sure to appease action-lovers. Plenty for them to enjoy

- Sri Hari's performance
- Stunts
-Predictable sequences
- Loud

Doo movie review:

Romance at its best
A movie on romance and lover couple always strike a chord with masses. Debutant filmmaker Sriram Padmanabhan has come out with a film that oozes with romance. It speaks about their emotions and feelings. More in the shades of Siva Manasula Sakthi, the movie has Sanjay and Nakshatra in the lead roles. Check out the movie's review

Vasanth (Sanjay) works in sub-registar office. He is fun-loving youth who spends his time with his friends (Lollu Sabha Jeeva, Jegan and others). He comes across his schoolmate Swapna (Nakshatra), who works in a IT firm. They rekindle their friendship and love blossoms between them. But as it happens they come to know that they have  contrasting tastes and that don't match and they often quarrel. Eventually they part ways. Enters Anu (Sangeetha Bhat), a freelance journo in Vasanth's life. They  become friends. However both Vaanth and Swapna cannot forget each other. After sequence of events, did the lover couple unite or not forms the climax.

Sanjay of Mundhinam Parthenae plays the leas role. he is apt choice for the role. Interestingly he romances, fights and even does comedy with his friens. Nakshatra is the USP of the film. As a an angry and possessive lover she impresses. Both Jagan and Lollu Sabha Manohar evokes plenty of laughter. Sangeetha Bhatt, Urvashi and Rajesh are also in the cast.

The movie is well made thanks to C R Maravarman's good cinematography. The songs are shot rich and grand. Abhishek-Lawrence duo gives some peppy numbers and a couple of songs sung by Vijaya T Rajendher and Silambarasan are good.Dileep Subbarayan's stunts are interesting. 

It is s greezy entertainer that talks about the emotions between lover couples. The need to stay united and share their emotions and feelings is the underlying theme. The characters bring out the real intentions well. Sriram Padmnabhan does his part well in this. He deserves all accolades.

The movie would go down well with youngsters as it has everything that they would love to see on screen

Mark 3/5

Kanchana Review


Kanchana, the sequel of the masala film (with a touch of horror), Muni, isn't very different from its prequel. As if using the same Kollywood masala formula wasn't bad enough, Kanchana sticks to an already existing template. The result is a fairly entertaining horror-comedy with the comic aspect, by far, eclipsing the so-called horror aspect. The best horror films that I've seen have scared me out of my wits. Kanchana barely came close. And that's because Raghava Lawrence is keener on showing you that he can dance, fight, romance the heroine and amuse you.

If you've seen Muni, you'd know enough about our lead, Raghava(Raghava Lawrence). He's still the same jackass. He has an aversion to ghosts and does the needful to avoid them- he doesn't step out of the house after six, sleeps with his mother and needs her to accompany him to the toilet. Time has elapsed but we have not the slightest idea about the whereabouts of his father, his wife and his grandmother. They don't exist here and their disappearance isn't explained. Nor is the appearance of a brother, a sister-in-law, a nephew and a niece. Muni used the ghost element as a storytelling device to tell a story that has been told a number of times by Kollywood. Kanchana does the same but this story is at least a little different. The first half is strictly comedy. It doesn't tickle throughout but it does manage to amuse. Hardly a success when you're laughing not for the joke, but at the joke. The second half takes us through the past of the restless soul involved, one that has suffered at the hands of injustice and returned to avenge the same. If the house was haunted the last time, Kanchana has Raghava invite the ghost over from a cricket ground. Again, he's generous enough to lend his body to the ghost to settle scores with its human adversary.

The music numbers are strikingly familiar and have no business being in the film except of course, for the sake of business. Raghava Lawrence and Sarath Kumar display some fine acting chops but there's nothing more to add about the performances when the characters they are asked to personify are dotted stick figures. As a director, Raghava Lawrence is doing what he's been taught. He doesn't come across as a director who wants to evolve as a filmmaker; he is content making blockbusters. Nothing wrong with that especially when Kanchana doesn't fake any moral message (an infectious practice performed by Tamil Directors) but there isn't much to score.

Kanchana is both uninspired and uninspiring, yet Raghava Lawrence wants to make one sequel after another. Kanchana is watch-able, but that doesn't mean it is worth a watch. Skip it and you miss nothing.

Deiva Thirumagal Review



Director Vijay's latest film, inspired by Hollywood's "I am Sam" (2001), is a different take on father-daughter relationship as the age of the daughter and the mental age of the father are same -- five years.

Vijay has to be complimented for having handled the emotional sequences with maturity. His creative grip over the medium and the subject lifts the movie to higher levels despite some flaws and slow narrative.

Vikram and Baby Sara have rendered top performances to make the movie a wonderful emotional experience.

Krishna (Vikram), a mentally-challenged person is seen searching for Nila (Sara), his daughter in Chennai. He meets lawyer Anuradha (Anushka) and her partner lawyer Vinod (Santhanam), who are in search of a case.

After some initial misunderstanding, Anu and Vinod decide to help him.

Krishna's story starts from Ooty where he works as a helper in a chocolate factory. His wife dies after giving birth to a girl. Krishna, with an IQ of a five-year-old boy, struggles to bring up the child but he gets some help from his neighbour.

The correspondent of the school in which Nila studies turns out to be Krishna's wife's sister Shwetha (Amala Paul), who finds the background of the child.

Her father, rich and powerful Rajendran (Sachin Khedkar), doesn't want the child to grow up with a mentally-challenged person. He cunningly takes away the child from Krishna and leaves him stranded on the streets.

Knowing Krishna's plight, Anu and Vinod decide to reunite the father and daughter.

Anu challenges Rajendran in court by filing a habeas corpus petition to bring Nila to court. Rajendran is unperturbed and hires the most successful and senior lawyer Bhashyam (Nasser) to handle the case.

Inexperienced and naïve Anu is pitted against the most experienced and cunning Bhashyam. But Anu is ready for the challenge.

The court drama and the background manoeuverings form part of the second half that culminates in an emotional and appealing climax.

Vikram has shown that he is among the best when it comes to handling challenging and off-beat roles. He has gone that extra mile to make his role credible and appealing.

Playing a five-year-old is a tricky business. His body language and facial expressions are perfect but his diction seems to be slightly artificial in bringing the character alive on screen. His acting at the climax could move anyone.

Baby Sara is charm personified. She handles her role in an amazing manner. She steals the show in the court scene.

Anushka's grace and acting skills lift her character to some heights. Santhanam gets a role that has some meaning in the narrative. He provides comic relief without crossing the limits.

Amala Paul's expressive eyes help her leave a mark in a small but important role. Nasser's class and experience come in handy in portraying the senior lawyer's role.

Director Vijay deserves kudos for choosing an emotional subject and handling it without melodramatic incidents.

He has approached the subject sensitively and it augurs well for the movie. The climax has the potential to make anyone shed tears.

The movie has its share of shortcomings. The first half is slow and predictable.

Krishna's background and the situation leading to his marriage are not told in the narrative. This makes one wonder as to how a girl could marry such a man.

The court scenes are interesting but the behind-the-scene manoeuverings are too much to digest.

The film could have been ended in the courtroom itself. The next scene where Krishna takes a matured decision looks odd.

G.V. Prakash Kumar's background score is good but the songs could have been better. "Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil" is melodious and the picturisation of "Ore Oru Oorukkulley" is interesting. Nirav Shah's camera work is poetic.

Despite some flaws and slow narrative in the first half, the movie turns out to be worth watching -- thanks to some extraordinary performances and emotional strength.