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Rowthiram movie review

Rowthiram movie review

After Kho comes Rowthiram. With the former ending up a big hit at the box-office, expectations are high on Rowthiram. Directed by debutant Gokul, the movie features Shriya opposite Jiiva. As the title suggests (meaning fury), it is expected to be a high-voltage action entertainer. Check out the Rowthiram Movie review. 

The movie revolves around Shiva (Jiva), an upright, honest and an angry man. His grandfather (Prakashraj) teaches him Kalari and creates in him an urge to fight evil elements in the society. Unfortunately Shiva's actions are not endorsed by his family especially his father (Jayaprakash). Priya (Shriya) is law graduate who bumps off Shiva. There is romance too Meanwhile, a brawl between Siva and a badie Gowry spells trouble in the former's life. There is enough twists and turn and the bloody battle begins. 

Jiiva who played a bubbly photo journalist in Kho plays a contrasting role in Rowthiram. He is an angry young man. He brings anger, agony in his eyes. A real mass theme and Jiiva gets under the skin of the character and performs well.
Shriya is gorgeous and cute. She is the apt choice for the role. Shriya has a meaty role to play besides running around trees romancing. Jayaprakash plays a Jiiva's dad in the flick. Prakashraj as Jiiva's grandfather is amazing. The veteran gives right emotions to leave his impression. 

Be it Ganesh Acharya, the Bollywood choreographer, or Babu Anthony all have a part to play in the film. Interestingly a peppy number danced to glory by Ganesh Acharya. 

Written and directed by debutant Gokul, the film doesn't look like a first-timer's work. The screenplay is swift and there are twists and turns. Wonder at the grip Gokul has over the medium. Prakash Niki's music is foot-tapping. Equally impressive are his re-recording. Three cheers for N Shanmugasundaram's cinematography. The movie shot in soft lens is soothing and pleasant to our eyes.

The movie lives up to its  title. It is fast and furious. There are no dull moments in the movie. The twists are interesting and stunts sequences are a real treat for action-lovers. Anger and agony of an individual over the system is brought out well. Gokul steals the show with his narration. Man of the match he deserves.

Rowthiram is an action-packed film  that is sure to go well with Jiiva's fans for they can see him in a larger-than-life role.

Mark - 3.5/5


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