Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hindi Movie: Salman Khan Remake Raaja!

Hindi Movie: Salman Khan Remake Raaja!
Sallu Bhai is always keeping either right or left hemisphere on the South. He is curious about the subjects made in south India.

He has a series of remake films to his credit and often chided as ‘Remake Raja’. He is now ready with another Telugu film ‘Dookudu’.

What is interesting is that even before the release of this film in Andhra Pradesh, director Shrinu Whitley has narrated the script to Salman Khan and he has given a nod to act in this film. Shrinu also happens to be a good friend of Salman Khan.

Salman Khan had earlier appeared in ‘Ready’ remake and that story was penned by Gopi Mohan. Now for ‘Dookudu’ also Mohan is the script writer.

Salman Khan finishing his assignments by October would take up the ‘Dookudu’ script in Hindi. Shrinu is also inviting Salman Khan for the premier of ‘Dookudu’ when the film is released.

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