Thursday, August 25, 2011

John Abraham turns down a 6 cr offer

John Abraham turns down a 6 cr offer

John Abraham is a popular star, no two opinions on that. Like any other superstar he too is flooded with lucrative offers to do the jig at many parties and weddings.

But unlike other popular stars John refuses to oblige to the requests despite of being offered some astronomical price. Reportedly John Abraham was recently offered Rs 6 crore to dance at a high profile wedding but John being a head-strong man refused to dance in the party and take the amount home. John shunned the offer without giving it a second thought.

Apart from this John recently stunned the local people when he decided to participate in ‘Janmasthami’ celebrations. John who was recently in Thane to attend ‘Janmasthami’ celebrations decided to participate in the activity where he climbed the human pyramid and broke the mud pot with his head. The crowd went crazy over John’s generous gesture however his stunt left him with a minor bleeding bruise on his forehead. 


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