Thursday, August 25, 2011

Money Money More Money is a Xerox copy of..!

Money Money More Money is a Xerox copy of..!
JD Chakravarthy, who is busy with his job as a director in the recent past, is banking upon remakes rather doing original films. His previous films Homam and Siddham are freemakes of The Departed and Ab Tak Chappan respectively. Even his latest film Money Money more Money is a freemake too!

This is a free/remake of Hindi film Dharwaja Bandh Rakho, which was directed by JD himself. However, that film is not entirely his idea. He copied it from a korean film called 'Attack the Gas Station'. DBR was a flop in Hindi and that is the reason why he is hiding the fact that it is a remake of it.

JD wanted to cash upon the Money franchise and hence he is selling it of as a sequel to Money and Money Money. Let's see if this plan could fetch him his first hit or not.


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