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Nandi Awards 2010 Winners Response

Andhra Pradesh state Govt. announced Nandi Awards for the year 2010.  We at congratulate all the Nandi award winners.

The winners have expressed their feelings  like this....

Manchu manoj(Special Jury)

 I am totally shocked.  Nandi award is the most unexpected one for me. I am really amazed and shocked by the news. I am feeling very happy.It is very encouraging and the awards are pretty genuine. 2010 turned a lucky year for me. i got 3 success and one award. thanks for the jury.


 I’m very happy that ‘Prasthanam’ has been selected as the Third Best Feature Film for 2010 Nandi awards. The entire credit goes to my director for creating a such wonderful character and selected me for that role.

Prasad Murella (Best cinematographer)

 I am feeling happy as this is my first Nandi award. I expected Nandi award for the film ‘Chandamama’. But my wish got fulfilled with ‘Namo venkatesha’. I’m very happy to receive this award

P Sunilkumar Reddy(Best Director)

 Personal awards will always make one happy. last year our film ‘Sontha Ooru’ got Nandi as Best Film and this year ‘Gangaputrulu’ bagged the award in the 2nd best film caterory. I am very much happy and satisfied for what I hvae achieved. The jury Acknowledged  the fisherman’s straggle for their lives in ‘Gangaputrulu’ and selected the film for the award.  These awards willencourage us to make more good movies.

Master Bharath(Best Child Artist)

 This is my second nandi. Earlier I received Nandi for ‘Ready’. This award is the most unexpected one for me and i am double happy. I would like to thank my director veeru potla and these awards will increase my responsibility as an actor.

Nandini Reddy(Best First Film director)

 I’m very happy about the Award and I dedicate this award for the viewers of ‘Ala Modalaindi’. All this while I was enjoying the people’s appreciations but today this movie has taken me a step forward in the form of receiving an award. This Nandi is a bonus for ‘Ala Modalaindi’. I also congratulate Nithya Menon for receiving Nandi award as best actress with ‘Ala Modalaindi’.

Art Director Ashok( Best Art Director) 

 It is encouragement for our effort. 200 members participated for a month to erect marriage set. Director Gunasekhar support is marvelous. Feeling very happy about the award.   

Chandra Siddhartha

 This is going to be my 3rd Nandi.  I’m really happy to receive this award exactly at the time of being in dilemma whether or not to direct such films. Frankly speaking I never made this film for an award, I only directed this film with the intention of earning money. However I’m happy that I got an award even though I did not get any money.

Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao( Best Editor)

 This is the second award that I got in a row. I got best editor for Magadheera in Year 2009 and  Now I got for Darling (Nandi) for the year 2010. I am feeling extremely happy for the award and the credit should go to the directors of those films.

Chakri(Best Music Director)

 Finally I achieved what I wanted. I stepped into the film industry a decade back and was looking forward to win a Nandi award. At last my wish got fulfilled with ‘Simha’. I’m very happy to receive this award along with fans’ appreciate. I  thank Balayya Babu and my film director Boyapati Sreenu for giving me this opportunity.

AVS(Best Supporting Actor)

 This is my 7th Nandi Award. I had good scope to exhibit mettle in the role I played in ‘Kothimooka’.  I also expected an award for my direction. So that has disappointed a little. However I’m confident that I would achieve it in my next attempt.

Dharmavarapu Subrahmaniam(Best Comedian Male)

I am feeling very happy to have got the award for my performance in ‘Aalasyam Amrutham’. This is my 5th Nandi award. The awards that we receive through the government will not only encourage us but also give us strength. I wholeheartedly thank my director, producer, audience and the jury for this award.

Jhansi(Best Comedian Female) 

This is my 4th Nandi award. I was very happy when I hear  that I got Nandi Award. I got Nandi awards as best supporting actress for the films ‘Thodu’ and ‘Jayam Manadhera’ and as best comedian for the film ‘Tulasi’ in the past.  What’s more special is that I got awards for both ‘Tulasi’ and ‘Simha’ which was directed by Boyapati Sreenu. So my special thanks to him.
Nagineedu(Best Vilan)

 I am very happy. Rajamouli who recognized my talent and gave me a good role to play. Director Rajamouli brought the best out of me in this film. The credit for this goes to Rajamouli.


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