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Puli Vesham Movie Review

Puli Vesham Movie Review

Puli Vesham
Fast and furious
Filmmaker P Vasu is back after a break to give a thriller in Puli Vesham. Starring RK, Sadha and Karthik in key roles, the movie has music by Srikanth Deva. Check out the review.

The movie revolves around RK, who plays a negative role. That of a youth who does anything for money. He is a paid killer. Then there is Karthik, a police officer. Interestingly in a twist in the tale, Karthik';s close friend is bumped off by a goon on a mistaken identity. He wants to bump off Karthik and wrongly murders his friend. There is a twist in the form of Sada and the encounter that brings Karthik and RK in straight line. What happens in the drama then forms the rest


RK is at his best playing a ruffian who does anything for money. An anti-hero with a heart he is impressive. P Vasu has made the script according to RK's strength and weakness. Sadha is dazzling in her comeback and she is good. Karthik is bubblky and at his best donning a role that sticks to our heart instantly A whole set of artistes form part of the movie.

The strength of the movie is P Vasu's racy script and unpredictable nature of each character. Each character has a bearing on the story. The highlight is the way RK and Sadha's character have been shaped up. Watch out for an intriguing interval and the pacy second half. Srikanth Deva's music reminds one of Ilayaraja of his heydays. It is sweet and peppy.


A thriller that has enough twists and turns, Puli Vesham is a interesting tale that makes it an engrossing watch. However had P Vasu concentrated more on the script the end product could have been more interesting. There are enough suspense elements that is interesting.

Mark: 3/5.

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