Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rana fall in love with Airhostess ?

There are two things that Daggubati Rana is famous for- his family legacy and his popularity among girls. While strong rumours often keep making rounds about Rana’s encounters with beautiful heroines and girls, here is a new update which is slowly taking some serious shape of discussion.
Apparently, Rana has been travelling frequently between Hyderabad and Mumbai. He loves to travel through Kingfisher Airlines. Now, the buzz is that Rana has met an airhostess of the Kingfisher airlines and has been smitten by her.

Friends of Rana reveal “Rana is very sane. He checked her background profile even before he got close to her since his father would not entertain those without money or status. It is only pure passion towards the aviation industry that brought this girl to the job. Otherwise, she is very wealthy.”
However, it is yet to be known who that mystery girl is. As such, Rana is the only eligible bachelor available of family legacy in Tollywood. So, if the Kingfisher escapade is true then it may not be long before Rana’s flight will have his wheels tied.


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