Tuesday, August 23, 2011

That girl in Yellow Boots to be premiered in

That girl in Yellow Boots to be premiered in New York
Anurag Kahyap’s next release ‘That Girl In Yellow Boots’ is probably his last release with his wife. The director said he gets emotionally affected working with Kalki, but the two of them together have made some great films. Talking about this one, the film has travelled and one awards at many film festivals and the latest news is that it is going to be premiered at The Asia Society, NYC. The red carpet will be rolled out and the two will proudly walk on it to showcase their film to a vast audience.

Anurag says, “I am very delighted as this film is getting such a great response. This film was emotionally the most draining film to shoot. It was a tough one; especially because it was made with borrowed money. I am very contented looking at the credibility my film has received.”

Kalki says, “I am thrilled, excited, nervous and very happy for the premier, I am so looking forward to it.”


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