Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top heroes breaks the jinx

Top heroes breaks the jinx
Senior heroes that used to do more fomula films are trying to break the jinx now. All the senior heroes are trying to explore new genres of films at the moment. Balakrishna is doing Sri Rama Rajyam in which he plays Lord Sri Rama. Nagarjuna is doing Rajanna and committed to do Shirdi Sai.

Venkatesh is in plans to start his dream venture 'Swamy Vivekananda' and Mohan Babu has just announced Ravana. Young heroes are right now focused on formulaic films and it is hightime for the seniors to do different films in the last phase of their respective careers.

All the senior stars have realized this and putting into practice. We have to see how audiences react to their new style of movies.

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