Monday, September 12, 2011

john abraham doing dieting

Since last few days John Abraham has been playing too hard with his health. From piling up kilos to losing them with a blink of eye, John has been playing with his weight too often. He first bulked up for his film ‘Force’ as he put on a considerable amount of weight to look muscular and beefed up for the action packed film. Later he was asked to tone down a bit for some other film that he was leading. And now it is heard that John in order to get a desired look had shunned consuming salt and water for three days completely. He went on this special diet for a certain look for his forthcoming film.

John has been also the one who has been challenging his physical capabilities to the core. He went over the board to do action scenes in ‘Force’ for which he has piled on the mass to authenticate police officer’s in the film. And now that he is playing a gangster in his next ‘Shootout at Wadala’ he is all set to lose all those piled up kilos. Well it seems that John is throwing the weight around, quite literally. 


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