Friday, September 23, 2011

Men distracted from news by sexy newsreaders

275x250.jpgMale viewers can get so distracted by watching attractive newsreaders they can't even remember what the headlines were, researchers have claimed.
Academics from Indiana University say that while watching a hot female newsreader makes women remember more, it has the opposite effect on men.

In fact blokes were said to remember 'significantly' less information when watching a sexy newsreader.

The boffins claim it's because men's brains are overwhelmed when presented with sexual imagery and are therefore unable to process any more information.

I'm sorry, did somebody say something… I was too busy looking at that photo.
Researchers Elizabeth Grabe and Lelia Samson conduced test by showing 400 people one of two almost identical news broadcasts recorded by the same presenter and asking them questions about it.

In one of the clips the 24-year-old presenter was wearing shapeless and loose-fitting clothes with no make-up and in the other she was wearing a tight outfit with red lipstick.

While women remembered more of what the 'sexy' version of the news anchor had said, men recalled more from the unglamorous incarnation.


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