Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mr Rascal Review

And here is one more debutant making his way into an industry populated with so many actors already that very soon you may forget their names. Walking with shoulders held high, Parchuri Ravindranath, son of the eldest brother of 'Parchuri Brothers', is one of the few actors who could've had a brilliant start to his career had only the script was cleverly written.

Mr. Rascal narrates the most happening issue in the country - corruption, in the most convenient fashion. The hero is portrayed as antagonist initially, who later on due to certain reasons turns protagonist.

An uneducated drunkard Ravindranath is sent to stay with his uncle (Prakash Raj), an encounter specialist, where he catches a couple in an extra-marital affair. Ravi blackmails Madhumati with a video tape of her extra-marital sexcapades, and makes her fund his lifestyle.

Off he flies to Bangkok with his friends, where he runs into Sowndarya, rising out of a pool in a 2-piece swimsuit. Ravi instantaneously falls head over heels for her and kick starts mission 'Sowndarya'. Not tough to guess what's next, Sowndarya transforms Ravi into an honest man, who is now willing to risk anything to maintain harmony.

Firstly, the plot appears borrowed from a Tamil film, "Thiruttu Payale". Anyone who'd watched the original could've easily guessed that this film was ripped off. Secondly, although borrowed or should I say inspired and made from a Tamil film, Mr. Rascal had nothing worthy to deliver, except portraying women as an object of fun and sex-appeal.

The film was blessed with powerful dialogues, but only to make it look as if the film was made to accommodate as many as emotionally prevalent dialogues. Biggest let down of all was the plot, which in no way was convincing or hard-hitting enough. In an industry, where heroes are sprouting like weed with every passing day, a debutant must've really strong script to reach out to the public and create some fan following. Take Jr. N.T.R for instance, who's first film "Student No: 1" reached out to the public because it was spearheaded by a strong and convincing script.

Ravi could've definitely performed better had he had a better script to work with. Unfortunately his lack of experience couldn't save him from this mess. Parchuri brothers did they try best to keep the film alive but to no avail. Even a stellar star cast couldn't do the trick because people don't go by the cast anymore, they'd rather watch a film with novice actors. Neither did the technical aspect of the film brought forth anything spectacular nor did its music.


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