Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mummy Punjabi Review

Mummy Punjabi - Superman Ki Bhi Maa; with a title such as this you can expect some unrealistic, non-existing cinematic liberty. But believe you me when I say this, its better you prepare yourself for excess ludicrousness, buffoonery and banal antics if you ever make up your mind to watch this film.

Set in Chandigarh, Mummy Punjabi traces the life of Babyji (Kirron Kher) a cheerfully, loud Punjabi mother fondly known as Mummyji by the whole of Chandigarh. An urban yet traditionally rooted mother of three, Mummyji treats his sons like daughters and wants them married much before her daughter as she thinks that a daughter should first stand on her feet. After a lot of brides and groom searching she finally gets her children married. But strangely not all her decisions go right and Mummyji is left alone to fend for herself in her old days. How the transition occurs in her life and how she tides over the bad times is what follows through the rest of the plot.

Filmmaker Pammi Somal's target audience is very ambiguous. It certainly can't be Pan nation as the entire film is shot with English and Punjabi dialogues nor can it be the Indian culture craved NRI audience because if that be the case then the shor-sharaba, dance and songs, marriage sequences in the film is way below standards for them to be enticed. The film neither justifies its title nor showcases any substantial storyline. It appears very episodic in nature more like a TV Show than film. There are as many as three full-fledged wedding sequences each fighting with the other for being more garish, tacky and loud. And each wedding has an equally loud, jarring and horribly choreographed song. If that's enough for annoyance, there are two disco numbers, again horribly choreographed and badly composed.

Courtesy the English dialogues the entire film appears fake when the whole of Chandigarh speaks in English including Kirron Kher's gossiping maid played by Divya Dutta. It's a pity to watch actors like Jackie Shroff and Satish Kaushik go wasted but Pammi Somal manages it just perfectly. All the other actors do nothing else but ham throughout.

The second half of the film does bring in some emotional moments handled best by the seasoned star Kirron Kher. The climax especially that does strike a few chords of the heart. Pammi Somal compassionately tries to give out message of respecting your parents and being by their side in their old days.

Mummy Punjabi is meant only for those who really admire Kirron Kher and consider her reason enough to endure a film such as Mummy Punjabi for a good 2 hours. 


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