Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nakoo O Loverundi Review

This film much to our disgust once again paints a love story that neither impresses not makes sense to the audience. But, due to the fact that the film is blessed with sensible humor, it succeeds in keeping expectations alive.

Krishna Shastry is a devout priest who has dedicated his life to the service of God. His father Omkara Shastry wishes to see him become one of the reputed priests in town. He also wants him to marry his cousin Ambujakshi. But, Krishna falls in love with Neelima, much to his father's disgust. Krishna has never spoken or expressed his feelings to Neelima. In an effort to woo Neelima, Krishna takes the help of his ultra chic brother Vedam.

Neelima is hounded by Suresh, who when learns about Krishna, appoints a hit man to execute him. Also, when Krishna expresses his feelings to Neelima, he comes to know that she has a troubled past and thus not in a position to reciprocate to him.

What is Neeilma's troubled past? Why does Suresh hound Neelima? And, does Krishna finally succeed forms the rest of the story.

Humor keeps this film alive but nothing else. Thanks to the healthy dose of humor in the film, the audience held on to their seats. The comedy quotient is especially good in the second half between Krishnudu, Venu and gang. The second half is where the movie genuinely comes alive.

Krishnudu, who looks obese and unattractive, has a knack for acting with a face that can easily attract a million. In all his films, he's been portrayed as a character that gets rejected initially but eventually ends up as a winner. This is a formula which all directors seem to be following while filming with Krishnudu, to show him as loser initially and as a winner eventually. This formula has always worked in Krishnudu's favor and so has it again in this film.

Rithika, the new girl in town shows some promising acting talent on-screen. She turns in a pretty solid performance for a new comer and she looks lovely on screen. If she can work a bit more on her expressions, she will do well as a heroine.

The movie had an opportunity to be an authentically wonderful offering but it is all let down by a silly and
mournful climax. The movie drags a bit in the first half and is only made bearable by a few nice comedy scenes.

Technically, the film falls short of excellence. Direction was far better than screenplay that seemed not just incomplete but uninspiring. Music by KM Radhakrishnan is pretty decent and a few songs are genuinely good. There is not much to be done in the choreography department when Krishnudu is the hero.


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