Tuesday, August 30, 2011

'Bezawada Rowdylu' to Bezawada

'Bezawada Rowdylu' to Bezawada            
If it's RGV, there has to be lot of hullabaloo, and if there isn't and it definitely isn't RGV. Ditto is happening with RGVs upcoming film 'Bezawada Rowdylu', which is finally undergoing a title change after all that controversy it stirred. However, the latest update is that Ramu has finally agreed to amend the title and the film will now be known as Bezawada.

Though it is not really sure why Ramu changed his mind, many are surprised and curious to know the reason. For now, it is confirmed that the title has changed. But, the question is will Ramu hold onto his
word or not?


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