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Chatur Singh Two Star Movie Review

Chatur Singh Two Star Movie Review

Chatur Singh Two Star Movie Review: After a successful tryst with comedy in ‘Munna Bhai’ and ‘Dhamaal’ series it was expected that Sanjay Dutt’s latest flick ‘Chatur Singh Two Star’ will be a hilarious one as well. But to the viewers disguise the film falls flat on the sky high expectations.

Story: The story of the film is based on the novel ‘Chalaak Jasoos’ and it revolves around the not-so-smart cop Chatur Singh who is famous for his goof-ups and foolish acts. He lives in his own fantasy world and considers himself to be smarter than the world, when actually the truth is a totally opposite one. Despite of his not-so-funny antics and dumb nature he luckily unfolds a murder mystery and accomplishes as pivotal mission. Ameesha Patel plays his love interest in the film and she helps him find the right clues. Suresh Menon plays his aide who is in awe of Chatur Singh whom he considers as his ‘guru’.

Analysis: The film has disaster written all over it. The humor in it is out-dated and the story is one of the most irrelevant tales of recent times. Based on the once-famous novel it isn’t a great concept for the film. There are many loop holes in the script and director Ajay Chandhok fails to cover them up. His loose hand at direction adds further woes to the film. The comic sequences are irrelevant and are totally baseless as they lack humor.

Performances & Technicalities: The director fails to utilize a powerful star Sanjay Dutt who has given gem of performances in the same genre of comedy in films like ‘Munnabhai’ and ‘Dhamaal’. Talented supporting cast like Satish Kaushik and Suresh Menon’s versatility too is wasted as their potential isn’t explored to the fullest. We wonder what made Ameesha take up the role which does no good to her career as her character in the film is easily avoidable.

The music in the film is given by Sajid-wajid who gave some great music in ‘Dabangg’ fails to live up to expectations as none of the songs have the potential to climb the charts but are decent if not good.

Rumi Jaffery’s poor story and equally pitiable screenplay are the major drawbacks of this not-so-funny film. In the age of slapstick and masala comedies we wonder if the film will be able to survive the Box-office storm as along with it two more films namely ‘Not a love story’ and ‘Sahi Dhande Galat Bande’ too are releasing on the same day.

Plus Point: Sanjay Dutt’s name

Minus Point: Story, Performances, direction, screenplay, music

Final Word: Skip it

Chatur Singh Two Star Review Rating: 1/5
Banner: Pen India Pvt. Ltd, Lotus Pictures
Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Ameesha Patel, Satish Kaushik and Suresh Menon
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Producer: Mohammad Aslam
Director: Ajay Chandhok


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