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Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande Movie Review

Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande Movie Review
Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande Movie Review:

Story: Revolt is in the air! Anna Hazare is fighting for his land, his country India with the government and similar is the story of our poor farmers who have been exploited by the government. Their fertile land has been snatched away from them in return for an amount that is one eighth of its actual market value. Our protagonist of the film ‘Sahi Dhande Galat Bande’, Rajbeer (Parvin Dabas) along with his three aides Sexy (Vansh Bhardawaj), Doctor (Kuldeep Ruhil) and Ambani (Ashish Nayyar) is a small time crook who empties people’s house for money.

Analysis: The tweak arises when he is asked to empty the land of his own people for the government. His village is on a dharna against the govt. and now by hook or by crook, it becomes Rajbeer’s business to fight for his people, his village, and his land. He tries kidnapping, the CM’s son, kills his own mentor but finally, when the leader of the farmers is shot dead, he sits on the hunger strike himself and chants for their demands.

Performances: Parvin Dabas is one of the most underrated actors of the country. His command over his craft is quite prominent in this film too just like ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’, and ‘’. His aides, too do a fab job with each one standing out. Strong characterization makes the film even more watchable.  Preeti Jhangiani plays a news reporter and has a blink and miss role. The villagers played by Yashpal Sharma and Neena Kulkarni are quite convincing. Sharat Saxena as the antagonist is good too. Kiran Juneja plays the CM and for the very first time was exploited to her full potential. Tena Desae is talented and proves it again post ‘Yeh Faasley’.

Technicalities: Kudos to Dabas’ debut hand at direction, for pulling off the subject with panache! Nowhere did it seem stretched or diverting from the point unlike the recently released ‘Aarakshan’. The subtle unconventional comic sequences, the slow-motion action filmed by the director are commendable. More films like ‘Sahi Bande Galat Dhande’ should be made in India. It is an engrossing, edge of the seat entertainer that takes you on a revolutionary journey. No wonder Karan Johar wanted to remake it with Salman Khan. Yes the film would have worked better with a bigger star cast but nevertheless talent never goes unnoticed.

The cinematography, editing make take it to another level. The music is foot stomping and the background makes the film more thrilling.

Plus Point: Direction, Performances,

Minus Point: Lesser known star cast

Final Word: Don’t miss it

Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande Review Rating: 3.5/5
Banner: Very Fishy Films
Starring: Parvin Dabas, Vansh Bhardawaj, Kuldeep Ruhil, Ashish Nayyar, Tena Desae, Preeti Jhangiani
Music: Suhas, Siddharth, Dhruv Dhalla, Master Mahavir Chopra
Producer: Preeti Jhangiani
Director: Parvin Dabas


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