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Not A Love Story Movie Review

Not A Love Story Movie Review
Not A Love Story Movie Review: Taking inspiration from the infamous Maria Susairaj case, RGV comes out with a scarier version that probably is more petrifying than the reality. But the good part about the film is that it doesn’t show the protagonist in bad light.


An aspiring actress Anusha Chawla (Maria Susairaj) from Chandigarh convinces her fiancé Robin (Deepak Dobriyal) to let her go to Mumbai to pursue her dreams. She witnesses the casting couch and through a veteran struggling friend gets assured that this is a game of give and take. But luckily gets a film through Ashish Bhatnagar (Ajay Gehi) who apparently falls in love with her. Gauging his intentions as wrong, Anusha sleeps with him only to find out the next morning that her fiancé has given her a surprise visit. Baffled by all this Anusha makes a story due to which angry Robin kills Ashish. Then the two dispose off his body in the cruelest manner.

The latter half of the film has the interrogation and the court hearing where truth is moulded by lawyers. The movie ends with a statement quoting, ‘The Prosecution wanted them Killed, The lawyers wanted them to kill each other and they wanted to be killed together. The verdict is still awaited.’


Making a film on a true story that isn’t very old is a bold thing to do and this was totally acceptable from RGV. The way he handled the story and the way he showcased how truth was molded in the court room is really worth a watch.


Mahie Gill is back with a stupendous performance post ‘Dev D’. The lady is a natural stunner and immensely talented. Adding to the awesomeness is Deepak Dobriyal with a mind boggling performance. Ajay Gehi and rest of the supporting cast too do a fab job.


Music is soothing enough but not memorable. Background score is too loud and at times made the film seem horror. Some camera angles were innovative while some were annoying but that’s how RGV films are made. Ramu’s direction is unique and has an edge over others. They have used the same building Dheeraj Solitaire, the original venue of the crime and cinematography is quite realistic as required.

Plus Points: Performances, direction

Minus Points: background score, weird camera angles

Final Word: Watch it if you like RGV’s direction

Not A Love Story Review Rating: 3/5
Banner: Bohra Bros.
Starring: Mahie Gill, Deepak Dobriyal, Ajay Gehi
Music: Sandeep Chowta
Producer: Sunil Bohra, Sailesh R Singh
Director: Ram Gopal Varma


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