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Daggaraga Dooramga Movie Review

Daggaraga Dooramga Movie Review
Daggaraga Dooramga Review – Daggaraga Dooramga Telugu Movie Review, Rating: Sumanth, who has been struggling for form has come up with his latest film Daggaraga Dooramga, which is labeled as a romantic thriller. Ravi Kumar Chavali has directed this film which is produced by J. Sambasiva Rao on Sudha Cinema banner. Here is the review of Daggaraga Dooramga…

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Gowtham (Sumanth) is an ad filmmaker creates an ‘imaginary model’ for one of his ad films. That model happens to be Meenakshi (Vedika), whose engagement gets canceled due to Gowtham’s sleazy ads. Meenakshi comes to Hyderabad from Vizag to take action on that ad agency.

She contacts her close friend Zareen (Sindu Tolani), who is an investigative journalist to take action against them. Zareen is on a dangerous mission at that time as she wants to expose the facts about a dreadful terrorist attack. Zareen hands over a DVD which contains all the details about the terrorist attack to Meenakshi before she gets killed by them.

Now terrorists are after Meenakshi for that DVD and she will be accompanied by Gowtham, who comes to rescue her. Meenakshi and Gowtham have to run away from the terrorists and also stop the planned terror attack. How do they succeed in doing so forms the rest of the story.


Our filmmakers never get tired of making films about terrorist attacks. We have seen many a film till now on the same lines and Daggaraga Dooramga is moreover very ‘Daggaraga’ to most of those mediocre thrillers.

The concept of the film is very silly and lacks logic. There are too many loopholes to ignore. Director lacks vision and clarity over the concept he has taken up. First half is okay to some extent with irrelevant comedy scenes. Second hour should have been gripping and serious to keep the audiences on the edge of their seats.

The screenplay is very loose and lacks the necessary thrills to make this a winner.


Sumanth is Okay in his role which doesn’t really test him at any level. Vedika is good looking and can act. Brahmanandam is fine and the only saving grace of this film, especially in the second hour. Raghu Babu, Rajesh, Krishna Bhagavan tried their best to make the audience laugh. There is nothing significant from the remaining star cast.


Music by Raghu Kunche is ordinary. Not a single song remains with you. Cinematography is fine for a small budget film. Editing is Okay. Daggaraga Dooramga is made on a shoestring budget and that should keep the producer in safe zone.

Ravi Kumar Chavali, who made a far better film Samanyudu failed to reach at least half of it with DD. There are many scenes which would raise doubts about his capabilities as a director.

Final Word: Stay as close as to your homes and as far as from this movie theatres!

Daggaraga Dooramga Movie Rating: 2/5

Banner: Sudha Cinema
Cast: Vedika, Sumanth
Music: Raghu Kunche
Producer: J Sambasiva Rao
Director: Ravi Chavali

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