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Shabri Movie Review

Shabri Movie Review
Shabri Movie Review: The film ‘Shabri’ was made five years ago, however due to some or the other reasons the film’s release kept on getting delayed year after year. However the film has finally saw some light of the day as it has been finally released. Directed by Lalit Marathe, produced by Ram Gopal Varma, the film has Eesha Koppikar playing the title lead.


The film revolves around ‘Shabri’ played by (Eesha) a female don based in Mumbai and her tragic story. The film starts with Shabri’s pitiful life as she is the only earning member of the family. Shabri has to support her clan that comprises of an alcoholic father, a mother and an unemployed younger brother. The poverty and unavoidable-unfortunate accidents in her life land her in the ugly world of underworld. And the film from thereon is all about her journey in the crime world.
Multi-task-master is an apt word to describe Lalit Marathe - the captain of this ship called ‘Shabri’. The man with multiple talents has penned the story, written the screenplay and dialogues as well as has directed the film. All the jobs that he helmed have been superbly performed by Marathe. He like a thorough genius has helmed the film with sharp scenes and cut-throat story, ‘Shabri’ is a film with a lot of commendable substance. The film despite of its de-glam story and unconventional take has the potential to beat any commercial cinema on the given day. And the whole credit for making it a cult caper goes to Marathe!!!!


The film has a powerful and gripping first half however a viewer will be disappointed with a comparatively slower second half. Talking about performance and the film has Eesha written all over it. The film is by far the best performance by the actress and will remain as one of the best highlight of her short career.

Other supporting stars like Manish Wadhwan, Pradeep Rawat, Raj Arun too perform their parts well but looked weak, courtesy Eesha’s power-house performance that over took all. The biggest and the only disappointing performer of the lot was Zakir Hussain who didn’t quite live up to the standard of the film. Ramu’s the then muse Urmila Matondkar’s short cameo in this film is captivating as well.


The back-ground score of the film is unconventional yet attention grabbing. It perfectly keeps up with the pace of the film. The film hasn’t been publicized but we hope that the spread of word will help the film gain the much needed momentum and appreciation.

Plus Point:

- Eesha Koppikar’s Performance
- Urmila’s Cameo
- Direction
- Story

Minus Points:

- Slow Second Half

Final Word: Watch it for some powerful cinema

Shabri Review Rating: 3.5/5
Banner: Factory
Cast:  Eesha Koppikar, Manish Wadhwan, Pradeep Rawat, Raj Arun, Zakir Hussain
Producer: Ram Gopal Varma
Director, Dialouges, Screenplay, Story: Lalit Marathe

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