Friday, September 9, 2011

Akasame Haddu Movie Review

Akasame Haddu Review – Aakasame Haddu Movie Review, Rating: Navadeep and Rajeev have teamed up for this film, which has a strong message to the youth. Akasame Haddu has a decent story and comes in as a surprisingly good film. Here’s the review…


Narayana (Rajeev) is the son of a middle class man Radha Krishna (Bhanuchander). He is a merit student and comes first in class. He achieves good ranks in competitive exams. He joins Engineering and studies with the help of donation given by his college principal. He reaches final year and then comes Keerthi into his life. He falls madly in love with her but she rejects. Dejected Rajeev tries to commit suicide and he gets saved by Karthik (Navadeep). With the help of Karthik’s tips Narayana becomes close friend of Keerthi. But she can’t accept his love due to a strong reason. What is it is the key to this story.


This film gives a strong message to the youth who commits suicides for some reason. It educates them to see beyond the problem and get along with the life. Although the film is about a social message it doesn’t get preachy and stick to the basics. That is why it works most of the times.

However it is too predictable and we can guess what comes next. This film based on a sensitive issue and it has few sensible scenes to keep the audience engaged. But it lack commercial elements like comedy to keep them entertained. If you like to watch a film with good storyline, then this will certainly impress you.


Navadeep is cool. His performance will be liked by one and all. Rajeev gives a decent performance. He has shown his skills as a dancer in this film. Heroine Panchi is just Okay. Bhanuchander, Tanikella Bharani and others did well in their respective roles.


Mantra Anand scores music to this film and it is passable. A better track list might have come good for this one. Dialogues are simple without any nonsense. Vishwa cinematography and Varma editing are neat. Director Ravi Kiran has clarity in what he is doing. He presented the film like an experienced director.

Final Word: Akasame Haddu is a decent attempt and you could give it a try.


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