Friday, September 9, 2011

Gambler Telugu Movie Review

Gambler Review – Gambler (Mankatha) Movie Review, Rating: Tamil cinema superstar Ajith Kumar’s 50th film Mankatha is dubbed in Telugu as Gambler. This movie is directed by Venkat Prabhu. Trisha and Arjun played the other lead roles in it. Let’s uncover the details of Gambler in this review…


Vinayak Mahadev (Ajith Kumar) is a bad cop, who gets suspended from the duties for six months. He is in love with Sanjana (Trisha), daughter of a big betting mafia leader. Vinayak plans to steal her father’s and other mafia leaders money which is Rs. 500 crore worth. Meanwhile, a group of youngsters too plan to steal that money.

Vinayak comes to know about their plan and he joins them and sketches out a master plan. They execute the plan and steal all the money, but unexpected series of things follows which will change their lives forever.


First of all we have to appreciate Venkat Prabhu for breaking the jinx that a superstar’s milestone movie should be formulaic. This film is different from many run of the mill movies we see week after week. The characters are extremely different. There is no ‘good men’ business in this.

Every character has an agenda and is crooked including the hero. Basic plot is good and the characters are etched well, but the film lacked a racy screenplay. Heist films should be made at a breathtaking pace and shouldn’t give time for the audience to think.

Gambler doesn’t follow that key rule and opens and runs at a very leisurely pace that we could fall asleep at some or the other point. It gets interesting only towards the interval point and the second half runs better with few twists and turns. Director tried to make up for the flaws in the first hour in this hour and succeeds to some extent.

Climax twist is good (even though it is a straight lift from Bollywood hit Race) and works well. Gambler has its moments but it doesn’t have the power to hold on at the Telugu box office. In Tamil, Ajith’s star power is helping it to rake in huge collections.


Ajith is simply superb as the bad man. His character is ultra grey that we could call it as the main villain in this film. No wonder, Ajith fans are going berserk in our neighboring state for this film. He rocked.

Arjun is good within his limitations. Vaibhav did well and Premji infused some humor into this rather serious plot. All the female characters didn’t have much to do. Trisha is alright. Lakshmi Rai is hot. Andrea and Anjali hardly have any screen time. Rest of the star cast did their bit.


Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is just Okay. None of the songs will be remembered. Third song on Trisha and Ajith was picturized well. Background score is good though. Cinematography is fine and the editing is Okay. The film looked stylish in most of the scenes. Apart from stylish presentation, director Venkat Prabhu will not score any points for his direction. Especially his lethargic script is a downer. It’s high time for this talented filmmaker to make slick action movies rather prolonging them unnecessarily for hours together.


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