Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nenu Nanna Abaddham Review

Tollywood is definitely showing signs of immaturity in filmmaking and with every passing day it is becoming more evident. Nenu Naana Abaddham is an experience that neither can be told in words nor expressed in any language. It is a painful act that seeps into your skin, stays deep within approximately for about two and a half hours and then eventually expires. But, the two plus hours of torture is as
hurtful as a crucifying experience.

A village boy falls head over heels for a girl but destiny doesn't unite them like they were supposed to be. He doesn't give up, as he pulls himself together, he's determined to put everything back together, piece by piece. All that brings him closer to his lady love is a lie. What does he lie about? To whom does he lie? And why does he lie and not attempt to do anything else forms the rest of the story.

Hero Nandu tries really hard to put up an adequate show but falls short of performance, especially in expressions and dance. He's blessed with potential to act and that is partly visible, but only if he puts in commitment we can hope to see him rise to the top.

Arundhathi girl Divya Nagesh joins the bandwagon of heroines who have populated Tollywood like never

before. Critically acclaimed for her performance in Arundhathi, which also garnered her with a Nandi award, Divya in this film falls short of even average. She might have done a great job as a child artiste in the Anushka-starrer, but here, she is terrible and definitely not a heroine material. Krishna Bhagwan, one of the few comedians who actually make you laugh, fails miserably here due to the flawed script that hardly any scope of development. Rest of the characters is not even worth mentioning.

The movie has nothing to admire, but offers opportunities galore for you to nitpick. The comedy is artificial and appears as if made just to bring laughter in to the film, which also failed. Krishnudu in a cameo was completely unneeded but introducing him in a character with least scope was completely insane on the director's part.

Cinematography falls below the standards. Having shot completely in a village backdrop, the
cinematographer totally ignored to capture the natural beauty that resides within. Story has no scope of improvement because it was so flawed that you wouldn't even imagine of tweaking it. Direction was completely haphazard and appeared not up to mark. Direction also showed signs of amateurism and no wonder the director screwed everything up. Music by Chinni Krishna manages to impress in bits, not on the whole, though. In a way, 'Nenu Naana Abaddham' is so flawed that you'd think twice to ever watch a low-budget film again.


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