Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vara Prasad And Potti Prasad Review

Sob, that's all you do when you watch this film. You'll curse yourself, like I cursed myself, while watching this film. There are two types of films: films that inspire you and films that don't but this film makes way to a new category - Why did I watch this film category.

The story isn't extraordinary, in fact not even good but average or may be worse than that. It was like watching two very common TV actors on big screen, trying their best to make everybody but to no avail. They were juvenile, annoying and most importantly stupid in their roles.

The film revolves around Vara Prasad and Potti Prasad and their so called desperate attempt to woo a girl of their dreams. Problem here is that both eye the same girl but eventually only one among them will rise as winner. The story sums up as the struggle of these characters to do anything possible to make the girl their own. But, who wins the girl finally and what happens to the other takes us to the climax?

The story has similarities to all time favorite children's cartoon amusement that the cartoon characters succeeded in. Humor in attempt to entertain his audience. However, the effort only ends through. Poor direction and awful screenplay hampered the film's Tom and Jerry but fails to bring forth the film is forced by the director as an in denial that the director didn't think it prospect in all possible way.

Avasarala as Vara Prasad is at his usual best. He came up with the same old performance like that in his earlier works and tries nothing different to talk about. Vijay Sai as Potti Prasad lives up to the expectation. But you would get convinced thinking that director actually might have made him do that so as to churn out some laughs.

RK brings humor to the story. He is quite amusing in few scenes. It's surprising to know his funny sides since we've seen him in a negative role in the past. The character he enacted draws similarities to the roles attempted by Srihari and Jaya Prakash Reddy. The other actors may be ignored.

Cinematography is just average. Music has no scope in the film and moreover, tunes by Sai Karthik were neither catchy nor worth listening. Dialogues are decent but in parts, especially the ones penned by RK. Satya Varanasi's direction is not up to the mark.


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